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Luke Elliott is a Golden Reel-nominated Sound Editor and Composer based in the West Midlands, UK.


An NFTS Sound Design graduate, Luke is experienced in:

  • Dialogue editing

  • Sound FX recording and editing

  • Mixing (including 5.1 surround sound, LEQ(m) and EBU-R128 broadcast deliverables)

  • ADR preparation, recording, and editing

  • Music composition and production

  • Mastering

Specific software skills include:

  • DAWs: Pro Tools, Reaper, Audition, Cubase, Reason

  • Middleware: FMOD

  • Sound FX databases: Basehead, Soundminer

  • Audio Restoration: Izotope RX

  • Game engines: Unity, Godot

  • Scripting: C#, Lua (for ReaScript), C++, JUCE audio framework

  • Conforming/Reconforming: EdiLoad

  • ADR: EdiCue, EdiPrompt, PGPT

Previous clients include:

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